Day 1 of 365 days cooking challenge

Day 1/365

 We juggled hard to make the setup fit in the kitchen, which seems to be an impossible thing. Finally, my husband has come to rescue. He was holding the camera all the time while I was cooking. 

I think by the end of 365 days, I would become a pro in editing, have patience, and being consistent in whatever I am doing. 

So today is a very simple lunch like the regular weekdays. Palakura pachadi (Spinach Chutney) which is a recipe by my aunt and Snake gourd fry obviously with a dash of ghee. Btw, did I mention that the spinach is homegrown? Two of the dishes came out amazing. Also, my mother-in-law has sent pulihora (lemon rice) for lunch. Bingo, we got to have simple yet amazingly delicious food for lunch.

Here are the links for the written recipe and Youtube.

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