Day 3 of 365 days cooking challenge

Day 3/365 

We got to make only one dish today. As we thought of not repeating the same greens and vegetables for at least a week, we ended up making Gongura senagapappu curry, which is extremely delicious and super easy to make. My MIL helped me with this recipe. I have put tempering separately, but this can also be made as one pot one shot. 

My MIL made delicious mango dal (mamidikaya pappu) and Tindora fry (dondakaya fry) with us. Had a scrumptious lunch today. Day-by-day Iā€™m falling in love with our local dishes. Thinking about what green leaves I will get tomorrow šŸ˜‰

Here are the links for the written recipe and Youtube 

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