Day 4 of 365 days cooking challenge

Day 4/365

Made Kanda Fry (Yam Fry) along with Muddapappu (Plain Dal) and Avakaya for Lunch. My MIL made Chamadumpala Pulusu, which she shared with us. 

Day-by-day I’m feeling so grateful for being able to have this simple yet luxurious food. There’s one doubt that’s constantly bugging me. When we eat Salads, Burgers, and other food we tend to showcase it. Why not our regular food?  I am not against any type of food, in fact, I love eating different cuisines, but just a curiosity to know, why do most of the people find our food to be boring? I think I should think about myself, how I was in the past. Probably I will get the answer.

 Here are the links for the written recipe and youtube

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