Day 6 of 365 days cooking challenge

Today has to be special. I tell my extended family ( watchman and helpers) to not cook today. I love cooking for them, and they love to eat what I cook. This is one of the ways to show gratitude towards them for what they do for me. 

I was a picky eater when I was a kid. Only on Sundays or some special occasion, I used to eat by myself. Because that’s the day for non-vegetarian 😉  But that didn’t stop my mom from feeding me different varieties of fruits and vegetables. I always feel thankful for her for being like that. When I moved to the hostel, that was when I realized how tasty my Mom’s food was and from then I started liking whatever she does. 

Once I started working, I don’t remember a day (except for Saturdays) of not eating chicken. Even on Saturday, I used to wait till midnight and then eat it. That’s my love for Chicken. After marriage, as my husband is vegetarian, I used to wait for someone to come to our place so that I could cook something special. Slowly, I lost interest in that and we started eating more vegetables. Though once in a while I still crave it. I used to feel guilty, and sometimes it did not suit my body and then I stopped eating it completely. Only later did I realize that it is the same as dieting. Once I start eating there’s no control over it. 

Now I know where to stop. Everything changed with that. My relationship with food became much better. I started walking in my mother’s steps. Once a week would be special (you now know what special means right :P, non-veg). I won’t crave it now and if possible I am trying to have desi chicken if I could, as it is said to be much better (health-wise).

Made Chicken dum biryani and Mutton curry. And it came out too good. Can’t wait to try more new recipes 🙂 

Here are the links for the written recipe and Youtube

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