Day 7 of 365 days cooking challenge

I thought of making rasam, pachadi, and curry today. But, we had an emergency and by the time we came and got freshen up, it was tiring and late. So I had to drop the idea of making all those. 

My mother and brother make the best Veg pulao. Though I tried their recipe it doesn’t taste like theirs. Probably it’s their love that makes a difference to it 🙂

I made a simple one-pot one-shot veg pulao with capsicum, potato, soya, mint, tomatoes, and Phool makhana. It came out very well. We love Phool makhana more if it is cooked in a pressure cooker. From the day I thought about this challenge, there hasn’t been even a single dish that went bad. I think maybe mindset changes everything 😉

Here are the links for the written recipe and Youtube

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