Hello and welcome! I’m Rithika, and I’m glad you’re here.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved food, but this love led to some health problems. I ended up feeling stressed and worried all the time, and I was often unwell. I spent more time in hospitals than I wanted to, and it got me down. It seemed like nobody really understood how important it was to take care of your mental health, so I stopped talking about what I was going through. I felt scared and sad, and it was hard for me to feel confident. I also had to take lots of different medicines, like antibiotics and pain killers, which wasn’t fun.

Then, during a really tough time, I realized that if I ate better and changed my lifestyle a bit, I could improve my health. I decided to start traveling as much as I could, preferably alone. I wanted to visit places where I could meet new people, eat clean food, and enjoy nature. That’s when I thought of farm stays. I made a promise to myself to only visit farm stays that practiced “Natural Farming” because I didn’t want to eat food that had been sprayed with chemicals. Finding good, clean food wasn’t easy. Many stores claimed to sell organic food, but it was hard to know if they were telling the truth. Plus, the prices were often too high.

That’s when I had an idea. I could visit farms and share information about farmers who practice “Natural Farming.” This would help people and farmers connect directly and benefit everyone involved. Sadly, the covid pandemic slowed down my plans, but I did learn a lot from the few farmers I did meet.

Once I started eating clean, organic food and tried out some home remedies that I learned from others or found on YouTube, I began to see improvements in my health. My thyroid levels became normal, my periods started to regulate, and my anxiety and depression started to lift. I was healing myself.

Now, I want to help others understand how important it is to stay healthy, both in body and mind. I know from my own experience how much your mental health can affect your physical health. That’s why I started taking online classes about “Gut health” and “Nutrition” from schools like Harvard and Stanford. With what I’ve learned, including from a health coaching certification course, I’ve found ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. By following a few tips and living a better lifestyle, I’ve been able to become emotionally and physically stronger. I want to share these tips and experiences with you on this blog.

I hope what I share here can help you in your daily life. Enjoy reading, and thanks for being here!