Simhapuri Organics

About the Farm

Simhapuri Organics is a one-place destination for authentic organic vegetables/fruits and groceries in Nellore.

Where is it?

Rythu Bazar, Nellore


What I think

This man is very special. Though he has an option of pricing at a higher scale, he thinks about the people who cannot afford it and has priced at a very nominal price to date. From the day I got to know about him, his farm, and the margins they were having my respect towards him has increased more. Not to forget the hospitality we get every time when we visit his store. Every time when I see vegetables on my table, I feel grateful for him and his family for providing us the vegetables at very reasonable prices, almost at the price you get vegetables in a wholesale market here.

He grows sugarcane, and various varieties of rice on his farm, along with maintaining a shop of organic produce (procured from different farmers who do organic farming and some packed groceries from different organic brands ) in Rythu Bazar, Nellore. The best part is, when you buy anything from them(not the branded items), you can also get the information of the farmer who grew them. If you are in Nellore don’t forget to visit them and also do try their fresh sugarcane juice 🙂


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Rythu Bazar, Nellore