What is it called in different languages?
English: tropical amaranth
Tamil: siru keerai
Telugu: chailaka thota kura/ ettamulugoranta
Hindi: chumli sag/ chaulai sag
Kannada: chikkere soppu

About siru keerai: It is a very popular spinach species in Tamil Nadu in India. It acts as a body coolant. The leaves of siru keerai are smaller and pointer than agathi keerai. The common name of siru keerai is Tropical Amaranthus. It has the power of curing many rare diseases and diseases that has no cure by English medicine. Siru keerai is a rich source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, proteins, sugar.

– Treats acne problems (on direct application)
– Good for kidney health.
– Cures bile related diseases
– Improves your memory power
– Prevents inflammation
– Good for eye health
– Makes your body strong and healthy on regular consumption

– You can make dal –
– Can make soup –
– You can make fry
– Can make curry