Jacob and Klooster Farm

A great way to start Sunday! Shammy and Charlotte are the perfect hosts. They moved to India from the Netherlands 7 years ago. By around 11 AM  we reached the place. Right after entering the gate, there was a small pond with a couple of ducks swimming. It was such a joyous moment to watch. 

It’s a 4-acre farm with plenty of cattle around. We went around the farm while I was trying to gather some information. One can also see different varieties of butterflies. The farm is beautiful with lots of vegetables and fruit plantations around. Also, not to forget about their workspace which is made of a container (which they got their stuff in while moving from Netherlands). They conduct workshops for kids and corporates. Also, they are planning to start a coworking space, which will definitely be a wonderful space to work in.

They have a small shop where a variety of teas, tender coconuts, and coffee are served. Also one can buy vegetables that are harvested from their farm. Fruits and veggies from other farms are also sold there. If you are visiting their farm, don’t forget to visit their store, you get right from pulses to fruits and vegetables. And not to forget their hibiscus tea. If you are visiting their farm make sure you have it. 

Accommodation is also available which you can book on Airbnb. Overall, it’s a perfect getaway if you want to escape a day from the city chaos. 

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