It is okay to be “Not Okay”

Have you ever felt, of feeling lost, unable to understand what’s going on, the worst day to concentrate on things, don’t feel like talking to anyone and you don’t even know what’s happening with you or your life? Everything seems to be perfect yet you feel it is not!

Don’t worry! You are not alone in this. Most of the people go through the same phase. There are always good days, not so good days and some bad days. We generally talk only about good days, good things, good people, good food, in short everything only good. And, its good to talk only good because that makes our mind happy! But remember as every coin has two sides, there’s bad or probably not so good too. And it’s very important to know that the other side exists. Otherwise, how do you differentiate between all those good, not so good or bad? You think everything/everyone is good and you end up breaking your own heart realizing that, that was not what you were expecting. Sometimes, we ourselves don’t know how and what our mind thinks or triggers and end up with days like that. Particularly during this pandemic period, when uncertainty and negativity are ruling the world, getting struck to 4 walls of the house increases the chances of you getting lost. And social media can act as a medium of both negativity and positivity. Seeing a few achieve a lot, and you doing nothing or maybe doing something but unable to express it, may lead to more emotional conflict in the mind.

Do you think we can do something to overcome this phase?

Always remember that it is okay to be not okay. Be gentle on yourself. Give some time to your body. Netflix and chill. Don’t compare yourself with others particularly with someone you see on Instagram or any other social media. It is not so easy to stop comparing, but try to remember what all you have done and what you have achieved. Achievement doesn’t mean getting published in some news article, blog, magazine, or someone else recognizing your talent. The true achievement is doing what you want to and which gives you happiness. Make sure to have workouts in your daily routine. Be it strength training, yoga, or at least walking on the terrace. Exercise helps your body to release chemicals called Endorphins. These interact with receptors of the brain and helps in reducing the perception of pain. They also trigger positivity in the body.

Eat healthily, and once in a while, you can binge on junk as well  ?

Heal your body and mind.

Rewind your memories. Get connected to your old friends. And also time to remove people from creating negativity in your life. Along with negative things happening, there is also positivity doing rounds. Make sure to see them as often as possible. Make sure to talk to your loved ones regularly.
Figure out how your life has to be after this pandemic ends. Many of us might have different learnings during this period, lets try to implement what we have learned. And if you don’t want to do any of the above, just sit and chill ?

But, if you feel this very often and unable to deal with it yourself, please don’t hesitate to see a therapist. If you want to talk to someone other than family and friends and don’t want someone to judge you or not know your details, there’s this amazing app called 7 Cups. There are many similar apps in the market, but this one I tried and felt much relieved, Hope it helps you too ?

Stay positive stay happy ?

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