What is it called in different languages?
English: betel leaf
Malayalam: vettila
Telugu: tamalapaaku
Hindi: paan
Bengali: punj
Tamil: vettrilai
Kannada: veeleyadelae

About betel leaves: The scientific name of betel leaves is Piper betel. Betel leaves belong to the Piperaceae family, they are a rich source of vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene. Betel is an aromatic creeper plant. They are generally used in prayers, religious ceremonies in India. Betel leaves possess anti-bacterial, anti-protozoal, anti-fungal properties.

– Treats diabetes
– Heals wounds
– Prevents constipation
– Improves digestion
– Reduces respiratory issues
– Prevents fungal, bacterial diseases
– Reduces headache
– Prevents premature graying of hair, hair fall
– Cures common cold

– You can make betel leaf rice –
– Can make rasam –
– You can prepare chutney   –
– Can make ice-cream –
– You can make sweet (laddo)-
– Can make health drink –
– You can make chutney powder –
– Can make snacks –