What is it called in other languages?
English: castor oil leaves
Guajarati: Erando
Hindi: Erand
Tamil: Amanakku
Telugu; Amudamu aaku
Malayalam: Ambanakka, Avanakku
Oriya: Bhreamda
Bengali: Bherenda

ABOUT CASTOR LEAVES: The botanical name of the castor is Ricinus Communis Linn. It belongs to the “Euphorbiaceae” family. Castor leaves are extensively used in Ayurveda. These leaves are rich in antioxidants. They have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, liver-protecting, and various other properties. It has a pungent and sweet mixed smell.

– They have antimicrobial properties.
– Useful in the hernia.
– Relieves urinary retention.
– Helps in the prevention of abdominal tumors.
– Relieves bladder pain.
– Cures burns, arthritis.
– Relieves migraine, low backache, skin disorders associated with pain.
– Improves your metabolism
– Heals cracked heels, rough skin, hyperpigmentation

– Leaves have its use in the treatment of painful urination problems
– You can make insecticides using castor leaves.
– Can use them for the treatment of colic pain in the bladder.
– You can use them for the treatment of liver problems and fever.
– Can use castor leaves to improve your hair growth –
– Castor leaves has its extensive use in Ayurveda.

** Please take your doctor’s opinion in case you are consuming it.