What is it called in different languages?
English: lemon
Telugu: nimmakaya
Hindi: nimbu
Tamil: elumicchai
Kannada: nimbe

About lemon: The botanical name of lemon is citrus limon. Lemon is a popular fruit that is used in small quantities to add flavour to food. Lemon is a citrus fruit with sour taste. It is powerhouse of many nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, proteins, potassium, calcium, flavonoids.

– Prevents infections
– Boosts immunity
– Keeps you hydrated
– Relieves intestinal pain
– Promotes skin health
– Reduces risk of heart diseases
– Aids in weight loss
– Prevents kidney stones
– Increases iron absorption
– Prevents and treats scurvy
– Removes dandruff from hair

– You can make juice –https://youtu.be/lzcWF9zMDPc
– Can make pickle –https://youtu.be/S5fYbjBb0zs
– You can make lemon rice –https://youtu.be/S582ox6c4l4
– Can make tea –https://youtu.be/rbuNstRFi6U
– You can make rasam –https://youtu.be/gN-sfNnGH9A
– Can make halwa (sweet recipe) –https://youtu.be/gsqqX8FvRnw
– You can make jam –https://youtu.be/RXV7-8XzYag
– Can make upma (breakfast recipe) –https://youtu.be/WcSk7H8zd-A