What is it called in different languages?
English: star fruit
Telugu: ambanamkaya
Tamil: thambaratham
Malayalam: vairapulli
Hindi: kamrakh

About star fruit: The other common name of star fruit is Carambola and the botanical name is Averrhoa carambola. It is crunchy, juicy. This fruit comes in two varieties smaller ones with a sour taste and a larger ones with a sweet taste. Star fruit is a rich source of fiber, vitamin A, C, B9, zinc, sodium, magnesium, copper, potassium.

small star fruit

large star fruit

– Prevents cancer
– Lowers cholesterol levels
– Promotes digestive health
– Aids in weight loss
– Regulates blood pressure levels

– You can make juice –
– Can make pickle –
– You can make chutney –
– Can make jam –
– You can make curry –