What is it called in different languages?
English: tamrind leaves
Malayalam: valan puli ilakal
Hindi: imli patta
Bengali: tentool patta
Marathi chincha paane
Telugu: chintha chiguru
Tamil: puli iaikal

About tamarind leaves: The other common name of tamarind leaves in imli patta. The botanical name of tamarind leaves is tamarindus indica. India is the largest producer of tamarind. These leaves have a sour and tart taste. Tamarind leaves are rich source of vitamin C and tartaric acid, fiber, potassium, iron and calcium. Its cathartic, astringent and antiseptic properties makes it an important element in Ayurveda.

– Provides relief from malaria
– Heals wounds
– Improves lactation
– Treats ulcer
– Provides relief from hyper tension
– Increases antioxidants capacity of the body
– Inhibits genital infections
– Protects body from infections
– Inhibits genital infections
– Cures scurvy

– You can make dal –https://youtu.be/15dN1IiEaiI
– Can use these leaves for garnishing dishes
– You can make chutney –https://youtu.be/P9nKOCWjYsk
– Can make pulav –https://youtu.be/V5xWC5r1nac
– You can make chutney powder –https://youtu.be/CKfcIYbTE-g