The power of Micro habits

It was easy for me to learn a new habit during my childhood days. But growing older, and when responsibilities and expectations came into the picture, it became difficult to allocate time to learn new things or inculcate a new habit.

I always wanted to learn many things, but anxiety and fear led to procrastination which took major control over me and couldn’t really be consistent with what I started. Which in turn led to more anxiety, depression of not being able to do anything. Gradually, I got a feeling that I couldn’t do anything, and even before starting a project, I thought about how it can go wrong and would never start that. Instead of thinking about the solution, my anxiety used to take control over me and I just used to pull up a blanket and sleep.

I was introduced to micro habits by one of my peers. If you want to inculcate a new habit, instead of doing it all at once and get anxious, you can start slow, but be consistent. Fortunately, I also got to see a habit tracker calendar available on Amazon. All you need to do is, write a couple of things which you want to do and place them in a place where you can see them often. This reminds you of the things you want to do and you will be your own accountability coach. End of the day you have to mark the things which you have done that day. It’s okay if you can’t do it 30 days a month. It’s always better than Not doing it at all. Not just that, you would know how to plan your day as you already know the tasks, have a proper schedule and this becomes a routine. End of the month when you see your progress the happiness it gives is inevitable. 🙂

Whoever is reading this, are you going to start inculcating new habits soon?

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