The man with Integrity

Meet Mr. Ram Mohan Reddy, a farmer from Nellore. He is into farming for more than a decade now and doesn’t hesitate to experiment with various organic practices. 

He grows sugarcane, and various varieties of rice on his farm, along with maintaining a shop of organic produce (procured from different farmers who does organic farming) in Rythu Bazar, Nellore.

While everyone thinks organic food is very expensive, I’m sure you would change your opinion if you visit this store. Though running in losses or having minimal margin, he doesn’t charge customers a higher price because he feels that everyone should be able to afford organic produce. 

When one visits his store, they would be first welcomed by a warm smile, they can also get to know the farmer details of the food they wish to purchase.

Time well spent:

Fortunately, we got to visit Mr. Ram Mohan Reddy’s farm just before Ugadi. We were able to find the farm easily. We were welcomed with a warm smile and then they offered us sugarcanes and fresh tender coconuts.

We got to understand the plight of the farmers, particularly those who grow the plants without any chemicals used. We also got to discuss a bit about today’s health scenario. It was quite challenging to walk on the narrow path of the farm. Also, that made me nostalgic, it reminded me of my dad who once took me to the farm when I was very young.

He also offered us some fresh tamarind and Neem flowers from the trees there as it was Ugadi the next day. From there we were asked to come to his home. It was a 10-minute drive from the farm.  It was an 100 years old house. The love and affection they have poured on us was truly amazing. 

We had an amazing breakfast and then we were set to leave. Oh yeah, they also offered us some farm fresh fruits (water apple) while leaving. I feel very fortunate to meet this farmer and his family. An epitome of selflessness and pure love.

PS: If you are someone who is willing to buy organic vegetables or fruits, please don’t look at the size, shape, or texture. As they are grown without any chemicals, it is hard to obtain shiny or perfect vegetables.

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