What is it called in different languages?
English: elephant apple
Kannada: bettakanigalu
Hindi: chalta
Malayalam: punna
Sanskrit: avartaki
Tamil: kattaral/ ugakkay
Telugu: revadi

About elephant apple: The botanical name of the elephant apple is Dillenia Indica which belongs to the Dilleniaceae family. This tree is native to river banks across tropical Asia to south-east Asia. It is an important source of food for elephants and other animals in northeastern India. Elephant apple is a rich source of vitamin C, B, E, potassium, healthy fats, amino acids, proteins. It has a bitter-sour taste.

– Treats hypertension
– Prevents pre-aging of skin
– Reduces anxiety, depression
– Cures kidney disorders
– Boosts immunity
– Good for eye health
– Fights against infections

– You can make dal –https://youtu.be/qcRK9bxgsRE
– Can make pickle –https://youtu.be/ihKcdhQ3cuI
– You can make jam –https://youtu.be/o1OaP2TQlyA
– Can make curry (with fish) –https://youtu.be/arZqf5WlAfk