What is it called in different languages?
English: wood sorrel
Kannada: huli soppu
Telugu: pulichinta
Tamil: puliarai
Hindni: amrit sak/ tinpatiya
Malayalam: kottampulichan

1.Oxalis corniculata

2.Oxalis acetosella


About huli soppu: The leaves have a trefoil structure which means the leaf itself has three leaflets. Huli soppu is a rich source of beta carotene, flavonoids, vitamin C, proteins, calcium, iron. Huli soppu has an astringent and sour taste. It comes in different varieties. The most common ones are the ones with white flowers and the other with yellow flowers. The botanical name of the variety with yellow flowers is oxalis corniculata whereas the botanical name of the variety with white flowers is oxalis acetosella. Oxalis corniculata is a creeping wood sorrel which is also called as yellow wood sorrel.

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