What is it called in other languages?
English: ivy gourd
Tamil: kovaikkai
Malayalam: kovaykka
Telugu: dondakaya
Hindi: tindora
Marathi: tondli

About ivy gourd: The scientific name of ivy gourd is coccinia grandis. Ivy gourd is a tropical plant that belongs to the same family as the pumpkin. The other common names of ivy gourd are baby watermelon, little gourd, gentlemen’s toes, and tindora. Ivy gourd is a rich source of iron, vitamin B2, B1, calcium, dietary fiber, proteins, and other essential minerals.

– Good for diabetic patients
– Aids in weight loss
– Reduces hyper tension
– Prevents constipation
– Reduces risk of cancer
– Treats infection
– Prevents kidney stones

– You can make curry –https://youtu.be/tqV6ZTfWEYI
– Can make fry –https://youtu.be/yqKWKNQ6X00
– You can prepare chutney –https://youtu.be/jvngSgN3YTE
– Can make ivy gourd rice –https://youtu.be/DS2pBsPYDDo