What is it called in different languages?
Bengali: bhela/ behlatuki
English: marking nut
Hindi: bhelwa
Tamil: erimugi/ senkottai
Telugu: jidi
Kannada: bhallataka

About marking nut: The scientific name of marking nut is Semecarpus anacardium. The other common names are phobi nut, varnish nut, malacca bean. It’s a medicinal plant and is native to India. Marking nut belongs to Anacaardiaceae family. It has a bitter, acrid taste.
** The shell around the seed contains irritant substance and extreme consumption of marking nut might induce abortion. People with excess bile, pregnant women, kids should not use it.

– Can cure cancer
– Treats atherosclerosis
– Lowers blood sugar levels
– An effective remedy for leukoderma
– Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
– Improves digestive health
– Good aphrodisiac
– Prevents premature graying of hair

– It’s mostly used in external applications –,refer%20to%20the%20plant’s%20fruit.