What is it also called as:
Telugu: Menthi koora
Hindi: Methi/ sauk
English: Fenugreek
Marathi: Methyaa
Tamil: Ventym
Malayalam: uluva
Bengali: methi

ABOUT METHI LEAVES: Methi which is also called fenugreek is the ancient spice that adds flavor to dishes(dried leaves). The leaves have a bitter taste. You can use green methi leaves and the seeds commonly in cooking. These leaves possess great medicinal value. Methi leaves are a great source of antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, B vitamins, dietary fiber, and dietary minerals. India is the leading producer of fenugreek.

– Helps in weight loss.
– Boosts up your immune system on regular consumption.
– Reduces body cholesterol.
– Gives you shiny and soft hair (on direct application).
– Improves skin health (clears your acne problems)
– Fights diabetes.

– You can make bhaji(fry) –
– Can make paratha –
– You can prepare aloo methi curry –
– Can make methi rice –
– You can make dal –
– Can prepare puri-
– You can make chutney –