What is it called in different languages?
Telugu: ulli kadalu
Malayalam: ulli thandu
Bengali: piyaz kali
English: onion stalks
Marathi: pati
Hindi: pyaz
Tamil: vengaya thandu

About onions stalks: There are four types of species referring to onion stalks and they are scallions, green onions, spring onions, chives. The onion stalks have a subtle flavor as they are premature onions. Onion stalks belong to allium family. Onion stalks are the excellent source of vitamin C. They are also a good source of vitamin A, B6, thiamine, folate, potassium, copper, manganese, iron and chromium.

– Reduces cholesterol levels
– Decreases risk of heart diseases
– Prevents fungal and bacterial diseases
– Regulates the blood sugar levels
– Supports against gastrointestinal problems.
– Helps digestion
– Speeds up blood circulation in the body
– Aids respiratory function
– Reduces risk of cancer

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