What is it called in different languages?
Sanskrit: puthiha
Bengali: pudinaa
English: mint leaves
Telugu: pudina aaku
Kannada: pudina soppu
Malayalam: puthina

About pudina/ mint leaves: Mint leaves belong to the Lamiaceae family. It has another common name mentha and pudina. These leaves act as a body coolant. It is a rich source of calories, fiber, vitamin A, C, iron, manganese, folate. Mint leaves are valued as a mouth freshener since ancient times. Spearmint and peppermint are two common varieties of mint.

1. spearmint

2. peppermint

– Helps digestion
– Treats asthma
– Cures headache
– Protects dental health
– Aids weight loss
– Improves your memory
– Protects your skin health
– Reduces symptoms of nausea
– Treats cough
– Reduces stress and depression

– You can make chutney –https://youtu.be/f0tBXM8Fdu8
– Can make pudhina rice –https://youtu.be/EZvNhZF0-LA
– You can make tea –https://youtu.be/JQr_AqdCEoQ
– Can make juice –https://youtu.be/FY4rXUgWnAU
– You can make paratha –https://youtu.be/kvdn1Iylih0
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