What is it called in different languages?
English: sweet potato
Telugu: chilakada dumpa
Hindi: shakkar kandi
Tamil: sarkaraivalli kizhangu
Kannada: genasu
Malayalam: Mathura kizhangu
Bengali: rangaloo

About sweet potato: Sweet potato belongs to Convolvulaceae family. It is large and starchy root vegetable. It is sweet in taste. They are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins like A, C and other essential nutrients. Sweet potatoes belong to low glycaemic food . They contain high water content which helps for weight loss.

– Regulates blood pressure levels
– It reduces risk of cancer
– Enhances digestive system
– Protects eye health
– Boost your immunity
– Reduces inflammation
– Prevents from obesity

– You can use in making masala fry –https://youtu.be/HOj74Adf14c
– Can make sweet potato tikki –https://youtu.be/aMFi36VjuPg
– You can make sweet –https://youtu.be/mtQu_VnaQ-o
– Can make pancakes –https://youtu.be/H3D8K7WOmWA
– You can make fries –https://youtu.be/bDqaAd_2a2Y
– Can make paratha –https://youtu.be/PZyZybgpbQg