What is it called in different languages?
Telugu: tummi aaku
Hindi: goma madhupati
Tamil: thumbai
Kannada: thumbe
Malayalam: thumba
English: ceylon slitwort

About tummi aaku: It is a small, terrestrial, and aromatic plant. The scientific name of tummi aaku is Leucas zeylanica. Other common name of tummi aaku is Ceylon slitwort. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Tummi aaku is a rich source of dietary fibers, vitamins, alkaloids, and other essential minerals. Tummi aaku can prevent worm diseases and skin related diseases. These leaves have a bitter taste.

– Treats headache
– Cures fever and cold
– Acts as an antidote for snake bite
– Reduces blood sugar levels
– Boosts your immunity

– You can make dal –https://youtu.be/AmsY07xXIwk
– Can make chutney –https://youtu.be/t_RsNTaUWmc
– These leaves are used in Siddha medicine