365 days cooking challenge inspired from the movie “Julie and Julia”

 I am one of those who get bored easily eating the same recipe a couple of times. I always try new recipes, asking my family members but at the same time, I can’t really cook on a daily basis if the recipe is too lengthy. Moreover, I can’t cook anything luxurious during this pandemic frequently when our frontline warriors are fighting so hard to save us. So I need something very simple to make, yet tasty. So how do I do that? I always suggest people around me eat one different vegetable and one leafy green daily at least for a week to 10 days. This way we can get nutritional benefits from different vegetables and don’t get bored. But again I found that few people are getting bored eating the dish with the same recipe in the long run.

After watching Julie and Julia, I thought why not take up this challenge for myself?  But with a little twist. These recipes would be my family’s/ friends / from youtube / sometimes my own creation. So from June 1st, the next 365 days, I will be posting one recipe each day, except if I have an emergency and most of the recipes would be South Indian. Oh btw, I now will not have an option to feel lazy for the next 365 days, my relationship with food becomes much better, and can save money by not ordering food from outside. 

There are many recipes which were made during your childhood and we miss eating them now. Come let’s push ourselves and try to bring back those recipes. So here comes the project #rithikas365dayscookingchallenge.

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